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Rules of entry

By entering any submission to the Virtual Ideas Platform, you agree that to your knowledge:

(a) You are the creator/owner/originator of the idea, its copyright and any other intellectual property included in your submission;

(b) You agree that ABTT/GSMD/Organisers have unfettered discretion whether or not to select any submission for upload to the Virtual Ideas Platform and to decide upon eligibility for any further commendation and/or access to any available seed funding;

(c) ABTT/GSMD/Organisers intend to adjudicate all submissions; and

(d) ABTT/GSMD/Organisers intend that no further action shall be taken by them, following adjudication, any selection for uploading to the Virtual Ideas Platform and any decision for further commendation and/or access to any available seed funding.

Rules of Entry *

The Review and Selection

The review and selection timeline of the ABTT Virtual Ideas Platform reflects the ongoing nature of this programme in reaching out to a wide range of theatre innovators.

You can submit your idea for consideration by the team of experts at any time of the year. This is to allow you time to develop the early concept of your ideas and prepare supporting materials to upload with your submission.

A selection panel will meet periodically each year to review the submissions, and to nominate the cohort of ideas to take to the next stage. You will be notified of these key dates. All information you provide will be treated respectfully and confidentially.

You may be asked to provide further information about your idea. You may also be introduced to a mentor to discuss and help develop your initial concept framework.