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Developed for the ABTT in collaboration with Guildhall School of Music & Drama

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The Virtual Ideas Platform is open to anyone and everyone with an idea.

We know when backstage people are faced with a technical challenge, they get inventive and creative, cook up ideas and find solutions. The Platform is here to recognise, salute and honour those innovators in our midst.

By its very nature, it is a dynamic working environment in which to invent and develop new and better ways of doing things – in special effects; costume and wardrobe, wigs, make-up and hair, scenery, stage, sound, lighting, automation, audio-visual and any other discipline adopted to make live performance.

The ABTT Virtual Ideas Platform has been devised to recognise and help realise new ways of making theatre work.  In 2021, its inaugural and pilot year, the Platform aims to connect your great ideas with practitioners, developers, designers and manufacturers who are keen to work with you to realise the potential of your idea and collaborate with you to take it on a journey to a wider audience.

All entries will be shared with industry leaders and key association figures for appraisal.

The top-rated ideas submitted to the Virtual Ideas Platform will receive membership awards, industry-networking opportunities and recognition with the top-rated idea in the pilot year receiving seed-funding for early stage development.

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